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Mustaquim Monsters meet Cookie Monster

(Atlanta, GA) The Mustaquim Monsters came face-to-face with fellow Monster Cookie at the Atlanta Children's Museum in March.

The meeting went as well as can be expected. While all three little Monsters were a bit scared and would not leave their mother, they did finally go up and give the big blue Cookie Monster a hug. They then proceeded to disrupt all the other kids turns to go back and try to see him again.

The Monsters frequent the Atlanta Children's Museum thanks to Grandma, who got them a membership. "Watooo," Raabi commented, referring to the large water play area table, where he catches fish and plays with water toys. Sameer said "I like the play food," as the museum includes three settings to play with food in: a farm, a store, and a house. "He likes to make me coffee and ice cream, commented Mommy Mustaquim. Zaki likes the ball area that has a system of and pneumatic tubes and pulleys and tracks for the balls to move around the area. He likes to hoist them up to a high track with a crane, dump them, and watch them go.

Mustaquim Monsters visit Cookie Monster

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